Film and Commercial Portfolio

  • 2015: (China) The Great Wall, (Vancouver Canada) The Shack, Lucifer, Hidden Fortress

    2014: (Northern Ireland) Game Of Thrones season V, Highrise. (Republic of Ireland) Penny Dreadful, season II

    2013: (Vancouver Canada) Motive Season 1, King & Maxwell season 1, Psych season 8, Tomorrowland, Night at the Museum 3

    2012: (Vancouver Canada) Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters, Hidden, Psych season 7, Elysium

    2011: (Vancouver Canada) Superman; Man of Steel

    2010: (Vancouver Canada) Psych Season 5, Caesar Rise of the Apes, Mission Impossible

    2009: (Vancouver Canada) Tron, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Charlie St Cloud, The A Team, Sucker Punch

    2008: (Vancouver Canada) Night at the Museum 2, Tooth Fairy

    2007: (Vancouver Canada) 4400-season 4, Psych Season 2, Christmas cottage

    2006: (Vancouver Canada) Night at the Museum, Deck the halls, Sandlot3, Trick ‘r treat

    2005: (Vancouver Canada) Underworld 2

    2004: (Vancouver Canada) Kingdom Hospital, True Calling, Devour, Five People you meet in Heaven, Once upon a Mattress, Untitled Exorcism Project, Exorcism of Emily Rose

    2003: (Vancouver Canada) Paycheck, Still Life, White Chicks

    2002: (Vancouver Canada) Santa Clause2, Mr St Nick, A very Muppet Christmas, Freddy VS Jason

    2001: (Vancouver Canada) Ten to One, Door to Door, A Wrinkle in Time, Glory Days, Snow Queen

    2000: (Vancouver Canada) The Sixth day, Along came a spider, Saving Silverman, Ignition, Ladies and the Champ

    1999: (Vancouver Canada) Detox, Master of Horror and Suspense, Quarantine, Double Hockey Sticks, Shiny New Enemies, Get Carter

    1997/1998: (Vancouver Canada) Mr Magoo, Millenium, Snow falling on Cedars, Beauty, Double Jeopardy, Spooky House

    1996: (Vancouver Canada) X-Files, Millenium, Deep Rising, Poltergeist